Like bringing you to a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of a windy seaside, this facial not only purifies and brightens the skin tone but also refreshes your mind. The specific massage technique promotes the skin metabolism, resulting in a youthful and bright texture.

1. Refreshing Facial (440,000Vnd) (30’)
2. Anti Stress Facial (770,000Vnd) (60’)
3. Natural Facial Care (770,000Vnd) (60’)
4. Youthful firming Facial Treatment (1,100,000Vnd) (60’)
5. Absolute lift treatment (1,210,000Vnd) (70’)  

Key factors that create human happiness are “Body”, “Mental power” and “Soul”. Imbalance in one of the three factors is the source of sickness, grief and anxiety.
As a perfect combination between tradition and modern style of body treatments, Essencia Spa brings all benefits of thermotherapy to energize the body and mind. A world of oriental herbal cents relieves the stress and let you enjoy the feeling of relaxation, a secret of the inner beauty.

1. Head, Neck and Shoulder (440,000Vnd) (30')
2. Back Massage (440,000Vnd) (30')
3. Aroma Healing Therapy (770,000Vnd) (60')

Like a deep rhythmic pressure massage, this type of therapy alleviates stress, eases aching muscles and revives the sense with this powerful, customized massage. Dynamic blends of Essential Oils are prescribed to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.​  

4. The Swedish Movement Cure  (770,000Vnd) (60’)
This kind of massage uses light to medium pressure with long strokes to relieve tension, inspire relaxation and improve circulation. Feel a total well-being from head to toe.

5. Deep Tissue Massage (880,000Vnd) (60’)
This massage uses intense and advance massage techniques, deeper and more direct pressure on specific overworked muscles with essence oils. Deep tissue massage offers both physical and psychological benefits. Unlike other massage techniques that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage helps to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. But it can still help to you unwind mentally, too.

6. THAI MASSAGE WITH HERB BAGS (990,000Vnd) (70’)
Using manipulation as press, squeeze by hand - the essence of the art of Thai massage combined with warmth from the herb bag that helps relax the whole body and spirit in the most efficient way.

Focus on the areas such as feet, calves, shoulders, waist ... with manipulation as Roll, Turn, Press, Exposure of herb bags will impact deeply into the muscle, soften and relax the muscles with high intensity activities, stiffness, release toxins, relieve stress and restore energy effectively.

7. Traditional Herbal Therapy  (990,000Vnd) (70’)
This heated compress of aromatic herbs and spices creates a heavenly massage treatment. A world of oriental herbal cents relieves the stress and let you enjoy the felling of relaxation, a secret of the inner beauty.

8. Mother Earth  (990,000Vnd) (70’)
This therapy uses warm Basalt stones to melt away tension. Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the belly of the muscle for a completely new body experience.  Small stones are placed on key energy points, while luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation.

Notes: For all body therapies, additional 440,000Vnd is charged for extra 30'

C. BODY SCRUB & BODY WRAP (990,000Vnd)

These treatments create a bright skin, healthy body and refreshed mind. Have you ever dreamed of immersing yourself in the beauty of tropical nature? Let enjoy and feel how wonderful it is with natural fruit scrubs and others Body Wrap from Essencia Spa.

1. Vietnamese Rice Body Scrub (60’)
2. Salt and Honey Body Scrub (60’)
3. Coffee and Honey Body Scrub (60’)
4. Steam/Sauna   (440,000Vnd) (20’)  Notes: Steam/Sauna and head massage are included for all Body Scrub and Wrap
According to Oriental Medicine, leg and foot are the pillars of your body, meanwhile are places gather points of acupuncture. They have great influence on the activities of internal organs. Essencia Spa with scientific massage methods not only helps your legs relax but also re-creates new energy for your body

1. Foot Rest (440,000Vnd) (35’)
2. Foot Renew (770,000Vnd) (70’)
3. Foot Rejuvenate (660,000Vnd) (60’) Notes: For all foot therapies, additional 330,000Vnd is charged for extra 30'


1. Regular shampoo (250,000Vnd) (45’)
2. Deluxe shampoo (350,000Vnd) (45’)
3. Ayurveda Hair Care (490,000Vnd) (60’)

1. Street vendor (1h40’): 1,250,000Vnd
Mother earth
Refreshing Facial
Refreshing Tea & Fruit

2. Romance (2h00’): 1,540,000Vnd
Vietnamese Rice Body Scrub
Aroma Healing Therapy
Spa Gift

3. Lady Package (2h40’): 2,450,000Vnd
Salt and Honey Body Scrub
Herbal Therapy
Refreshing Facial
Spa Gift

4. Gentlemen Package (2h40’): 2,450,000Vnd
Coffee and Honey Body Scrub
Mother Earth
Refreshing Facial
Spa gift